Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Clipping Path Services - What Is Clipping Path and How Clipping Path Works For You

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping is a procedure which identifies any portion of a picture that might be either inside or outside a region and Clipping Path is the line that gives us that region. In Photoshop it is a commonly used procedure. Clipping path have some names to it as well such as image masking, image outlining, clipping mask, image silo, photo silhouette, image hand path, image knockouts, image cutout, etc. But clipping path is commonly used in the professional market. With the help of clipping path we can easily knock out the back ground and put another one as per request.

Clipping Path Services

How Clipping Path Works For You?

For using clipping path in Photoshop there is a pen tool to be used to draw the path. Now this pen tool has a cool feature where if you click and drag it will make two handles and these little handles are helpful to draw a curve and adjust it as you wish. So while using clipping path if you hold the command key and move those handles you will be able to adjust the curve. So if you hold the command key to an individual point and move it around with respect to another point that will give you a shape as you like. Now if you want to continue to make a line then you can select different points and it will give you a line through those points and you can use those handles to control the shape of your line. Before starting to use clipping path you might want to adjust the photo resolution so that this does not bother you afterwards. Now while starting up using clipping path on a particular object in a photo regardless of the background a line needs to be drawn around it using the pen tool. So there is no need to move the pen all the way around the object but clicking around its area with the pen tool will make a line shaping that object. While making the line you need to make sure it`s very precise. I will prefer to draw the line on the inner part of the object rather than on the background.And you obviously need to take a good care of the high`s and low`s of the object as well. Now to finish up with clipping path you save the whole path and you will get your Clipping Path Mask. Now you can give any background as you wish. You can notice that the object now have nice and sharp edges.

Clipping Path Services

About Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is a professional service that is offered to the clients wanting to make their images look better and this is included with other services such as photo editing and manipulation service. Clipping path along side with some other photography services are provided by different photography and graphic design studios, advertising agencies and most of them locating in developing countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Philippine with a comparatively low cost. Most of the service providers for clipping path use the internet for their sales and marketing. The business related to clipping path is growing day by day as the demand for clipping path is on the rise.

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